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Management - WP1


Management - WP1

Objectives of this workpackage are to ensure:

  • Overall coordination and monitoring of activities according to the work plan and the time schedule;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of each work package and checking the quality of results with respect to objectives;
  • Efficiency of the project implementation with special attention paid to finance, logistics, informatio;
  • Coordination, quality and conformity to EC rules and procedures;
  • Ensuring a direct link with the international organisations promoting the ‘One Health’ concept;
  • Involvement of decision-makers and stakeholders in order to facilitate turning research into innovation.

Management structure of the Epigenesis Project

Project Management Team (PMT)

is in charge of the project monitoring and assessments of the results and of administrative and financial management. It is composed of Nathalie VACHIERY, the coordinator of the project and leader of WP1 (Management), Thierry LEFRANCOIS, the deputy coordinator, Emmanuel ALBINA, leader of the WP2 (Reinforcement of scientific and technological potential) and WP5 (Turning research into innovation, prevention and anticipation), Damien MEYER, leader of WP3 (Exchange and sharing of experience) and Jennifer PRADEL, leader of WP4 (Dissemination and promotional activities).

Steering committee (SC)

is composed of one representative of each partnering organization (PMT and European partners, plus a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture (animal health officer of DAAF Guadeloupe), a representative of Guadeloupe Region (Bureau de l’Action Economique de l’Etat (BAEE) - Direction des Affaires Régionales), and a representative of the Ministry of research in Guadeloupe (Délégué Régional à la Recherche et à la Technologie).

The scientific board

advises the SC on the ‘One Health’ approach and the future creation of a Caribbean Research Centre on emerging and vector-borne diseases. It will discuss the scientific issues relevant to the project, and ensure the coordination with FAO, OIE and WHO at international level, and CaribVET at regional Caribbean level. It will also provide guidance, recommendations and advice on scientific excellence, international visibility and integration into the European Research Area (ERA).

Composition of scientific board:

  • Dr Jeremy Bouyer, Entomologist, CIRAD, France
  • Pr Ulriche Munderloh, specialist on tick borne pathogens, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Dr Laure Garancher, PAHO (Technical Advisor for the French territories of the Americas), Barbados.  
  • Dr Karla Georges, University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Pr Xavier De Lamballerie, specialist of emerging viral diseases, IRD, France
  • Dr Antoine Talarmin, Institut Pasteur de Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe, France

The Innovation Task force

will advise the SC on the setting up of an ‘alert system’ (prediction, anticipation and prevention) at Caribbean level and the accompanying instruments; the feasibility of a Caribbean Research Centre on emerging and vector-borne diseases (funding, partnerships, organisation...); IPR issues related to innovation generated by the project.

Composition of Innovative Task Force:

  • Dr Mark Trotman, Senior Veterinary Officer, Barbados, Chair of the Avian Diseases Working Group of CaribVET
  • Pr Bruno Hoen, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Guadeloupe
  • Dr Brigitte Marie, DAAF, Guadeloupe
  • Joel Gustave, Agence Régionale de Santé, Guadeloupe

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