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Exchanges & Sharing of experience

Training Workshop

Trainers; V. Versteirt and F. Schaffner from AVIA-GIS (Belgium).

5 young medical entomologists from Guadeloupe attended the workshop: Pasteur Institute (2), Mosquito Control Agency (1) and CIRAD Animal Health Research Unit (2).

Trainer: Pauline Ezanno, (Oniris/Inra Nantes)

The invitation was extended to several research institutes in Guadeloupe (University of Antilles Guyane, INRA, Pasteur Institute, other CIRAD research teams, ARS, DAAF, ORSAG…).

In all, 6 young epidemiologists participated in the training from INRA (1), CIRAD plant health research (1) and from CIRAD Animal health research team (4).

Trainers: Isabel Marcelino (CIRAD, Guadeloupe), André Bluze (GE HealthCare, France), Bruno Bacher (GE Healthcare, Allemagne)

  • A 3-day training course on intellectual property rights - Cresa, IBET. Early 2016
  • 1 week course on online maps and GIS - AVIA GIS. End 2105 / early 2016
  • Distance learning module on epidemiology and GIS - AviaGIS - Early 2016
Under the Work Package “Exchanges & sharing of experiences” Dr.

Damien MEYER, researcher in microbiology from CIRAD team in Guadeloupe, assisted to training in bioinformatics and data analysis, organized by CIRAD and INRA and funded by Epigenesis project. This training was held in Nantes (UMR BIOEPAR), France from 11th to 15th of April.

During 5 days of training, Damien used Python coding to work on two topics:

Nathalie Vachiery and Valerie Pinarello, technician from CIRAD in Guadeloupe were invited to participate to the training in proteomic at the UniMS unit of IBET/ITQB Lisbon, Portugal from 11th to 22th of April.

Short Term Visit

-  Level 3 biosafety confinements: E. Albina (virologist in Guadeloupe) travelled to Barcelona, 20-23 January 2014, Barcelona. Training was Given by D. Solanes (Services Director and animal welfare assessor & ethical committee of UAB) and Xavier Abad (Biosafety Officer and BSL3 Laboratory manager)

- Medical entomology: sampling strategy, taxonomy and bioecology: V. Versteirt and F.

Modeling and epidemiologyPauline Ezanno, from Oniris/Inra Nantes came in Guadeloupe from 17 July to 23 July to deliver a 

Livestock dynamic course, CERDI (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur le Developpement International), 10-12 February 2015, Clermont Ferrand (France). The economist recruited on the epigenesis projet attended the course with other Master Students. The Ecorum tool developed by CIRAD to perform basic economic evaluations taking into account herd dynamics was presented.

- with IBET/ITQB:Short term visits are planned end of 2015 / 2016

- With EHESP, Rennes (France): end of 2015 / 2016

Nathalie Vachiéry, microbiologist researcher from CIRAD Guadeloupe, was at Barcelona, Spain from 7th to 8th of April to visit CreSA-IRTA partners and facilities. During her stay, Nathalie exchanged with Jordi Casal, Albert Bensaïd (researchers from CreSA), Begona Delacalle (IRTA researcher) and Joaquim Segales (director of CreSA) about:

20th April, Nathalie Vachiéry, microbiologist researcher from CIRAD Guadeloupe, participated to a meeting with the head of IBET, Paula Alves and Patricia Alves (researcher of GMP unit and IBETunit research). They discussed about several topics like the building of GenIBET start up, the Intellectual property rights constrains and also the collaboration between CIRAD and IBET after the end of EPIGENESIS project, two domains were mainly discussed:

Two way secondments

From the 10th to the 28th of January David Pleydell was welcomed by our INRA partner from BIOePAR team in Nantes and followed a specific

From January to March 2015: Jordi Casal, epidemiologist (CRESA, Barcelona) came at CIRAD Guadeloupe to work during 2 months with the epidemiologist on the following topics:

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