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Medical Entomology tools


Entomology tools

The main gap identified in Guadeloupe when planning development of entomological research was the lack of morphological diagnostic key for mosquitoes in the French West indies, and the Caribbean in general. Similarly, some sibling species or species of the same complex will need to be differenciated by molecular tools.

One of the main ongoing activities of the medical entomologist recruited on the project is to develop a morphological dichotomic key as he collects mosquitoes accross Guadeloupe and increases his expertise and experience with the mosquitoes in the region. The tool will be finalized only once a number of verification with collection specimens have been made and also after expert opinion.

Development of molecular tools for taxonomy and for identification of blood will be undertaken during the last six month of the study.

The tools are available upon request to the medical entomologist of cirad.


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