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Visit to CreSA-IRTA partners and facilities 7-8 April


Nathalie Vachiéry, microbiologist researcher from CIRAD Guadeloupe, was at Barcelona, Spain from 7th to 8th of April to visit CreSA-IRTA partners and facilities. During her stay, Nathalie exchanged with Jordi Casal, Albert Bensaïd (researchers from CreSA), Begona Delacalle (IRTA researcher) and Joaquim Segales (director of CreSA) about:

  • The last activities of EPIGENESIS project: the training in epidemiology that will be held in Guadeloupe and the project of training on Intellectual property rights that will be performed in Montpellier involving two experts from IRTA.
  • The sustainability of the partnership between CIRAD and IRTA/CreSA and further activities after the end of the project

The second day, Nathalie was invited to visit the level 3 laboratory with David Solanes, responsible of the level 3 facilities.


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